The Aquatic Elegance: A Tour of the Most Incredible Underwater Hotels


While gazing at the stars and feeling the gentle caress of the night breeze can be enchanting, how about a unique and unforgettable experience by staying at an underwater hotel? Although fully submerged hotels are still a work in progress, there are luxurious resorts around the world that have incorporated specially designed underwater rooms, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the mesmerizing world of marine life up close. In this journey of discovery, we’ll take you through some of the most incredible underwater hotels that are redefining the essence of luxury travel.

The Muraka at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, The Maldives
The Maldives, known for its overwater bungalows and private island retreats, is home to Conrad’s Rangali Island, where luxury reaches new depths. In 2018, they introduced The Muraka, dubbed “the world’s first underwater villa.” This private, two-story suite is the epitome of honeymoon-worthy extravagance. The accommodations feature an undersea master bedroom with a 180-degree curved acrylic dome and a dedicated marine tunnel viewing theater. Your experience includes a bathroom with an ocean-facing tub, an outdoor deck with an infinity pool, the luxury of an on-call spa, a dedicated butler, 24/7 chef services, and the convenience of Jet Skis whenever you desire. All this luxury comes with a starting price of around $10,000 per night.

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland, Shanghai, China
The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is an engineering and architectural marvel situated on the site of an abandoned quarry. This futuristic structure, with over a dozen years and a purported $300 million invested in its creation, offers ultra-luxurious accommodations with breathtaking waterfall and quarry views on the upper floors. However, it’s the underwater rooms on the bottom two floors that steal the show. The Duplex Suite Underwater View suites rival even the swankiest accommodations in Vegas with their 55-inch smart TVs, butler service, and walk-in closets. Guests here also enjoy access to a private restaurant and an underwater swimming pool.

Resort World Sentosa, Singapore
Resort World Sentosa in Singapore is like a theme park on steroids. The island mega-resort boasts six themed hotels, a vast spa, numerous outdoor pools, and Universal Studios. But for those who prefer a quieter experience, the property offers nearly a dozen two-story underwater suites that are destinations in their own right. The upper level of each room provides sweeping views of the vast property. Downstairs, in the master bedroom, you can unwind while enjoying serene views into the onsite aquarium, which is home to more than 40,000 fish, all visible through a massive floor-to-ceiling window. These suites also feature private Jacuzzis, round-the-clock butler service, a complimentary minibar, and exclusive pool access.

Hotell Utter Inn, Västerås, Sweden
For travelers who appreciate hotels without extravagant frills, Hotell Utter Inn in Sweden offers a genuine underwater experience at a fraction of the cost. Rates start at less than $200! From the surface, the unassuming red wooden structure resembles more of a floating utility shed than a hotel room. It’s a simple and unpretentious space, perfect for sunbathing and unwinding with a good book on the water. Descend a short ladder, and you’ll find twin beds and an end table for basic living quarters. Yet, the surrounding windows offer breathtaking views in every direction, making your stay truly bucket-list-worthy.

The mysteries of the deep beckon and these incredible underwater hotels provide the key to unlocking them. These resorts redefine the concept of luxury travel, offering guests an unforgettable opportunity to sleep under the sea and witness marine life in its natural habitat. So, if you’re ready to embark on an adventure like no other, make your next holiday an underwater escape. Explore the depths, awaken your inner explorer, and experience the wonders of the underwater world in unparalleled luxury.

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