A Closer Look at the Vibrant Luxury of Manon Les Suites


Copenhagen, a city synonymous with the cool hues of Danish design and the enchanting lifestyle of hygge, welcomes a breath of fresh, vibrant air at Manon Les Suites. Tucked away just a short stroll from the iconic Tivoli Gardens, this hotel isn’t your typical Danish retreat—it’s a burst of tropical exuberance in the heart of the city.

Setting the Scene
Aspirational and laidback, Copenhagen serves as the backdrop for Manon Les Suites, challenging the neutral-toned norm with a burst of colors reminiscent of the Bali tropics. This isn’t just a hotel; it’s an experience designed to break away from the ordinary. Imagine bamboo lightshades, egg chairs, and faux stag heads adorned with flower crowns, creating an ambiance far removed from traditional Danish design.

Location Allure
Situated on the edge of the city’s bustling core, Manon Les Suites is a tranquil oasis, embracing the Lakes for strolls and bike rides. The unassuming entrance, marked by a custom-branded scooter, hints at the unique experience awaiting inside.

A Tropical Haven in Copenhagen
Manon Les Suites draws inspiration from its Bali counterpart, reflecting in its décor, atmosphere, and commitment to environmental consciousness. From pit crystals and toothpaste tablets to bamboo hairbrushes, the hotel blends luxury with eco-friendly sensibilities. The Junglefish pool steals the spotlight—an island paradise complete with dangling fish lamps and colorful parakeets, transporting guests far from the Danish winter.

Facilities for the Soul
The hotel’s sixth-floor sauna, albeit requiring a snowy dash in January, offers a unique winter spa experience. Follow it up with a visit to the rooftop bar for a Storm in Bali or Jungle Queen, or keep the energy flowing in the subterranean gym, featuring a full boxing ring for fitness enthusiasts.

Culinary Delights
Chapung, the hotel’s sixth-floor restaurant overlooking the Lakes, tantalizes taste buds with a fusion of Bali and Denmark. Signature breakfasts, organic and locally sourced ingredients, and Asian-inspired dinner options create a culinary journey. Room service, offering everything from caviar and champagne to green curry, ensures that guests can savor exquisite flavors at their convenience.

Exploring Beyond the Oasis
For a taste of local delights, Torvehallerne, Copenhagen’s answer to Borough Market, beckons. Nyehaven’s vibrant waterfront, adorned with colorful houses, invites leisurely walks or bike rides along the water. Trendy Norrebro caters to boutique enthusiasts and bar hoppers alike.

Suite Dreams
The hotel’s 87 suites, each designed in an apartment-style redefine luxury. Kitchenettes, living and dining areas, and four-poster beds adorn every suite. Outdoor terraces or poolside views add to the allure. From Petite Suites to two-bedroom options, every accommodation echoes a beach luxe vibe, ensuring a comfortable and stylish stay.

Manon Les Suites isn’t just a hotel; it’s an escape to a vibrant sanctuary within the heart of Copenhagen. Whether you find yourself captivated by the tropical aesthetics, indulging in culinary delights, or exploring the city’s charming corners, this hotel promises an unforgettable experience. So, pack your bags and surrender to the allure of Manon Les Suites, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and hygge meets a burst of tropical splendor.

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