A Weekend Escape: Exploring the Best of Amsterdam in 48 Hours


With its picturesque landscapes and a vibrant mix of history, art, and cuisine, Amsterdam has something for everyone. If you’re ready to dive into the best of Amsterdam in just 48 hours, this guide will lead you through a thrilling itinerary that captures the essence of the Dutch capital.

Day 1
Morning: Start with a Delicious Brunch in Jordaan
Begin your day with a hearty brunch at “Gs in the Jordaan.” This charming spot, open from 10 a.m., offers a delightful menu with options ranging from classic eggs benedict to delectable chicken and waffles. It’s the perfect way to fuel up for your adventure. If you’re a cat lover, don’t miss the Cat Cabinet, a unique museum dedicated to all things feline. Alternatively, embark on Flagship Amsterdam’s one-hour canal boat tour for a personalized and informative journey through the city’s iconic canals.

Afternoon: Dive into Amsterdam’s Art Scene
After a leisurely morning, head to the renowned Rijksmuseum. This extensive museum boasts a treasure trove of art and artifacts dating back to the Middle Ages. If you’re more inclined toward contemporary art, visit nearby options such as the Moco Museum, the Van Gogh Museum, or the Stedelijk Museum. Ensure you reserve a time slot for the Van Gogh Museum in advance. After indulging in the world of art, consider exploring the charming streets of the Nine Straatjes, dotted with boutique shops and inviting cafes.

Evening: Savor a Michelin-Star Meal or Dutch Classics
As the day draws to a close, savor the flavors of Dutch-inspired cuisine at the Rijksmuseum’s restaurant, Rijks. It’s a Michelin-starred dining experience that brings together renowned chefs from around the world, creating a culinary masterpiece. If you’re seeking something more traditional, visit “The Pantry,” a small and popular eatery serving hearty Dutch dishes. End your evening with a nightcap at Door74, a renowned speakeasy, or Tunes Bar at the Conservatorium Hotel.

Day 2
Morning: Brunch in Vondelpark
On your second day, head to Vondelpark and have brunch at Dignita, a charming glass-walled café offering inventive all-day brunch options. Try the mushrooms on toast with truffled crème fraîche or the umami avocado on toast with a tempura poached egg. If Dignita is bustling, head to Water & Brood for a hearty meal of fried chicken and waffles or a pancake stack.

Afternoon: Explore De Pijp Neighborhood
Cross the iconic “Skinny Bridge” over the Amstel River, soak in the views, and head to De Pijp. Here, you’ll find Europe’s largest daily market, Albert Cuyp Markt, where you can browse an array of goods, from traditional stroopwafels to clothing. Afterward, recharge at CT Coffee and Coconuts or the Scandinavian Embassy. If you’re a market enthusiast, check out our guide to the best markets in Amsterdam.

Evening: Unwind with Classic Cocktails and a Memorable Dinner
End your weekend escape with a visit to Bar Oldenhof, a classic speakeasy with an old-world ambiance and an eclectic cocktail menu. It’s a step back in time, and the knowledgeable staff will help you choose the perfect libation. Alternatively, dine at Balthazar’s Keuken for a seasonal three-course set menu or venture to Breda, where Dutch and French-inspired cuisine awaits. The choice is yours, but the memories are guaranteed.

As your unforgettable weekend in Amsterdam comes to a close, you’ll carry back cherished memories of art, culture, culinary delights, and the warm embrace of this charming city. Amsterdam’s magic is woven into its picturesque canals, vibrant neighborhoods, and world-class museums, and it’s ready to be explored in just 48 hours.

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