Capturing the Magic– Tips for Taking Photos of the Northern Lights with Your Smartphone


You glance up at the sky, mesmerized by the ethereal dance of colors unfolding above you. The northern lights, a breathtaking spectacle, are putting on a show that demands to be captured. And while you may not have a professional camera at hand, your smartphone can still be a powerful tool for immortalizing this natural wonder. Here are some tips to help you get the best photos of the northern lights with your smartphone.

Firstly, make sure to adjust your smartphone settings for optimal performance in low light conditions. Experiment with exposure time and consider enabling night mode if your device offers this feature. These adjustments can enhance the clarity and vibrancy of your photos, allowing you to capture the full beauty of the aurora borealis.

Now, let’s talk about composition. For a wide-angle shot that captures the expansive beauty of the northern lights, hold your phone horizontally and frame the scene accordingly. This will help you create stunning, wallpaper-worthy images that showcase the magnitude of the phenomenon.

If your smartphone has a panoramic feature, don’t hesitate to use it. By sweeping your phone either horizontally or vertically, you can capture a wider perspective of the sky, giving your photos a sense of grandeur and scale.160_-ImageConsider experimenting with different compositions to add visual interest to your photos. For example, if the northern lights are casting a soft glow on the surrounding landscape, try incorporating curves into your composition to lead the viewer’s eye through the scene. Whether it’s a graceful “C” curve or a dynamic “S” curve, these compositional techniques can add depth and drama to your photos.

Don’t forget to get creative with your shots. If you’re viewing the northern lights with friends or family, why not include them in your photos? Capture their silhouettes against the mesmerizing backdrop of the aurora, or have them walk in front of the lens to add a sense of movement and spontaneity to your images. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to capture the magic of the northern lights – just let your creativity flow.

But amidst all the excitement of capturing the perfect shot, don’t forget to take a moment to simply soak in the experience. The northern lights are a rare and awe-inspiring phenomenon, and while photos may fade, memories last a lifetime. Take the time to cherish this moment with your loved ones, knowing that the memories you create together will be far more precious than any photo.

So, as you prepare to capture the beauty of the northern lights with your smartphone, remember to embrace the magic of the moment. Whether you’re snapping photos or simply marveling at the spectacle before you, let this experience be a reminder of the wonders that await when you look up at the night sky.

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