Discovering Nature’s Beauty: The Best Picnic Spots in Dimapur


Dimapur, often referred to as the “Gateway to Nagaland,” is a vibrant city that combines modernity with traditional charm. As you step into this enchanting city, you’ll be welcomed by its warm and friendly people, colorful markets, and an array of the best picnic spots. Join us on this journey as we explore the wonderful picnic spots in Dimapur, where each moment promises to be unforgettable.

Kachari Ruins: A Glimpse into the Past
Kachari Ruins, an ancient and fascinating site in Dimapur, is a portal to the distant past. These ruins are remnants of a bygone era, providing a unique opportunity to delve into history. Visitors come to this spot to gain insights into how people lived in ancient times. The Kachari Ruins feature intriguing structures, including old walls and buildings.

For photographers, this place is a goldmine. The beauty and unique charm of the Kachari Ruins offer stunning photo opportunities. Scattered bricks and rocks, believed to be remnants of an old reservoir, embankment, and temples, reveal the ancient megalithic culture.

Even more exciting, it’s one of the top picnic spots in Dimapur! Pack your favorite snacks, gather your loved ones, and enjoy a picnic while exploring these ancient ruins. If you love picnics and have a passion for history, Kachari Ruins is the perfect picnic spot in Dimapur.

Chumukedima Village: A 360-Degree Adventure
Imagine visiting an entire village for an exciting adventure! Chumukedima, a stunning village about 16 kilometers from Dimapur’s city center, offers a unique experience. The village is surrounded by breathtaking waterfalls with crystal-clear waters. What makes it even more special is that you can find some of the best hotels in Dimapur near this village, making it one of the top picnic spots in Dimapur.

Chumukedima village boasts a magical 360-degree view of both the village and the city of Dimapur. As the village modernizes, the quality of life for its residents improves. If you’re seeking the best picnic spot in Dimapur with incredible waterfalls and picturesque views, Chumukedima village should be at the top of your list. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Sheela Park: A Tranquil Escape
Sheela Park, located in Dimapur, is a tranquil spot for travelers. It’s a public park designed for relaxation and recreation, offering natural beauty, lush plants, and trees. Parks are places where people go to enjoy themselves and unwind, often featuring statues, fountains, and playgrounds. Some parks also include sports fields, walking paths, and cycling trails.

Sheela Park is a beautiful destination for travelers and the perfect picnic spot in Dimapur. Pack your favorite snacks, find a cozy spot, and enjoy the serene natural surroundings. If you’re in search of a wonderful picnic spot in Dimapur, Sheela Park is the ideal choice.

Triple Falls: Nature’s Wonderland
No discussion of the best picnic spots in Dimapur is complete without mentioning Triple Falls – a must-visit spot. As the name suggests, you’ll encounter not one, not two, but three waterfalls in one place. These awe-inspiring falls, reaching up to 280 feet, flow into a natural pool, creating a magical wonderland. Located in Seithekima village, Triple Falls is a sight you can’t afford to miss on your Dimapur journey.

The government takes great care to preserve the beauty of this place for all the tourists who visit Nagaland. Imagine having a fantastic picnic with your loved ones, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the soothing sound of rushing waterfalls. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience when you’re in Dimapur.

Dimapur’s best picnic spots offer a perfect blend of natural beauty and historical intrigue. Whether you’re exploring ancient ruins, embracing village life, or enjoying the tranquility of parks, Dimapur promises memorable picnics for all. Come and experience the enchantment of these remarkable picnic spots.

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