Exploring DC’s Culinary Wonders with the Best Brunch Spots


Embarking on a delightful brunch journey in the heart of the nation’s capital? Look no further. From soulful creations to international flavors, the DC area serves up a diverse array of brunch experiences that will tantalize your taste buds and elevate your morning. Let’s dive into the best brunches that promise to make your weekend mornings extraordinary.

Art & Soul: A Capitol Culinary Oasis
Nestled just steps from the US Capitol, Art & Soul has been a brunch haven since 2008. While Chicago chef Art Smith may no longer be at the helm, the culinary legacy endures. For those with a sweet tooth, the lemony pancakes are a must-try, a delightful precursor to savory standouts like short-rib hash with chipotle hollandaise or steak and eggs. If you find yourself in the middle ground, savor the tantalizing buttermilk-fried chicken thighs with waffles—a dish that strikes a perfect balance.

Cracked Eggery: From Farmers’ Market to Your Plate
Originating as a humble farmers’ market stand and evolving into a trendy food truck, Cracked Eggery now boasts two charming locations. The menu shines with creative fried egg sandwiches served on pillowy challah rolls. Indulge in the Southern Charm, a flavorful ensemble of fried green tomato, bacon, pimiento cheese, and zesty aioli. The Paulie Cicero, featuring prosciutto, ricotta, and sun-dried tomato, adds an Italian twist. For a classic treat, the bacon-egg-and-cheese delights with sweetly glazed bacon and soft scrambled eggs.

D Light Cafe & Bakery: A Taste of Ukraine in DC
Discover the rich flavors of Ukraine at DC’s first Ukrainian cafe, D Light Cafe & Bakery. Adorned with flowery art and chandeliers, the cafe offers European-style pastries and brunch staples. Venture beyond the ordinary with Ukrainian specialties like cottage cheese pancakes with gravlax or crepes with cherry compote. The potato pancakes, adorned with sour cream, a fried egg, and bacon, provide a savory symphony on your plate.

Spanish Diner: A Fiesta of Flavors at Bethesda
José Andrés’s Spanish Diner in Bethesda, a spin-off of Jaleo, celebrates the triumvirate of potatoes, sausages, and eggs. From eggs with morcilla or jamón to fried eggs over zucchini-and-eggplant stew, the menu is a Spanish-inspired symphony. Lighten the feast with shrimp in garlicky olive oil, tangy gazpacho, and avocado salad. Elevate your experience with the Gin Mare, a drink that marries the essence of a Bloody Mary and a dirty martini.

St. Anselm: Brunching Beyond the Usual Suspects
While Le Diplomate commands attention, its sister steakhouse, St. Anselm, near Union Market, offers a more laid-back yet equally delightful brunch experience. Savor a classic steak and eggs or opt for the famed buttermilk biscuits with pimiento cheese. For a zestier affair, the avocado toast with tangy Fresno chilies is a top pick. Explore the diverse menu and indulge in the cinnamon-roll monkey bread for an extra treat from the oven.

Pennyroyal Station: Comfort with a Creative Twist
Chef/owner Jesse Miller brings a twist to comfort food at Pennyroyal Station in Mount Rainier. Here, brunch takes on inventive forms, such as a pancake crowned with fried chicken and pickled jalapeños or a BLT featuring fried green tomatoes and pimiento cheese. The restaurant excels in the basics, serving up flawless pancake stacks and eggs in any style with a creative flair.

As you embark on a brunch adventure through the vibrant streets of DC, each restaurant promises a unique culinary journey. From Art & Soul’s classic offerings to Cracked Eggery’s inventive sandwiches, D Light Cafe & Bakery’s Ukrainian delights, Spanish Diner’s Spanish-inspired dishes, St. Anselm’s laid-back charm, and Pennyroyal Station’s comfort with a twist—DC’s brunch scene invites you to savor every bite and make your weekend mornings extraordinary. Delight in the diverse flavors, and may your brunching endeavors in the capital city be nothing short of extraordinary.

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