Have You Discovered the Eco-Friendly Delights of Costa Navarino?


Discovering a sustainable hotspot brimming with olive orchards, wineries, and traditional cuisine: Messenia, the verdant Peloponnese area of Greece. This tour promises a fusion of historical traditions, culinary delights, and eco-conscious practices that resonate with both food lovers and sustainability aficionados. It is set against the stunning backdrop of Navarino Dunes in Costa Navarino.

A Harvest Experience Like No Other
As harvest season dawns upon Messenia, travelers are invited to partake in the age-old tradition of olive picking amidst the rolling green hills of Navarino Dunes. Captivated by the charm of the Koroneiki olive trees, visitors engage in this hands-on experience, guided by local farmers, where the fruits of their labor yield the region’s renowned liquid gold—cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil.

Preservation and Sustainability at Costa Navarino
The vision of Captain Vassilis Constantakopoulos materialized into Costa Navarino, a model of sustainable tourism aiming to preserve the natural landscape while fostering local employment. The initiative’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the preservation program that rehomed thousands of olive trees, ensuring the region’s environmental integrity.

Delving into Messenian Olive Culture
Through immersive tasting sessions led by olive producer Christina Stribakou of LIÁ Cultivators, visitors gain insight into Messenia’s rich olive heritage. The Koroneiki variety, renowned for its antioxidants and flavor profile, takes center stage, accentuating the region’s commitment to quality and tradition. Christina’s expertise unveils the nuanced process of olive oil production, highlighting the importance of immediate milling post-harvest.142_-ImageCulinary Traditions with Local Experts
Venturing beyond the olive groves, travelers encounter Loula and Anna, local restaurateurs in the village of Pylos. With decades of culinary experience, they share the art of preparing Messenian delicacies—a celebration of regional produce soaked in homegrown olive oil and infused with vibrant flavors. From the iconic Messenian salad to the traditional zucchini pie and succulent gournopoula roast, each dish embodies the essence of Messenian cuisine.

Savoring Local Wines in Navarino Vineyards
No Messenian feast is complete without locally sourced wine, a tradition rooted in ancient times. Navarino Vineyards, spanning 55 hectares, craft organic varieties that complement the regional cuisine. The 1827 series, named after the historic Battle of Navarino, offers a taste of history in every sip, showcasing the rich heritage of winemaking in this idyllic corner of Greece.

Local Producers and Sustainable Practices
Costa Navarino’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond the culinary realm, with over 60% of ingredients sourced from local producers within a 100km radius. This commitment underscores a broader ethos of supporting the local economy and fostering eco-friendly practices.

In essence, a journey through Messenia unveils more than just a culinary experience—it’s a testament to sustainable tourism, cultural preservation, and the harmonious coexistence of nature and gastronomy. For food lovers seeking a taste of Greece’s authentic flavors and eco-conscious ethos, Messenia emerges as a must-visit destination, where each dish tells a story of tradition, innovation, and a deep-rooted connection to the land.

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