Solo in Virginia? – The Journey of Discovery and Delicious Curry


Picture this: a charming boutique hotel nestled in Virginia’s countryside, surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s not just any hotel—it’s a place where the whispers of Thomas Jefferson’s legacy echo through the halls. Imagine waking up to the warmth of the 1799 Manor House, exploring 100 acres of history, and feeling the heartbeat of Charlottesville just seven miles away.

By the Seaside
Let’s escape to Rehoboth, where the Bellmoor Inn & Spa becomes your sanctuary by the sea. Visualize the elegance of Brazilian cherry floors and the aroma of a freshly served breakfast. After a pampering session at the spa, take a stroll to downtown shops or, if the weather is right, let the ocean breeze accompany you along the boardwalk. It’s not just a vacation; it’s a soul-soothing experience.

Florida’s Golf Oasis
For those who dream of golfing amidst rolling hills, welcome to Florida’s Innisbrook resort. Close your eyes and imagine 900 acres of possibilities, where golf isn’t just a sport—it’s an adventure. Tee off at Copperhead, feel the clay courts beneath your feet, and let the Salamander Spa transport you to serenity. Beyond golf, it’s a symphony of activities waiting to be explored.

Urban Chic in South Miami
South Miami beckons with an urban pulse and your stay is more than a hotel—it’s a canvas of vibrant experiences. Imagine being surrounded by whimsical artwork, pampered with spa services in your room, and sipping tropical cocktails on a rooftop bar. Beyond the stylish retreat, South Miami’s energy, high-end shopping, and eclectic campus life are at your fingertips.

Boston’s Timeless Fusion
Step into Boston’s beating heart with Dagny, a newly opened haven within an Art Deco skyscraper. Envision the fusion of old-world elegance and modern luxury, where each detail tells a tale. From decorative terra cotta to gold-leaf murals, it’s not just a hotel—it’s Boston’s love letter to its rich history. Let the city’s timeless charm embrace you.

As we unfold these tales, we invite you to embark on a journey filled with unexpected treasures. From Virginia’s heart and Rehoboth’s seaside calm to Florida’s golfing haven, South Miami’s vibrant scenes, and Boston’s timeless fusion, each destination is a chapter waiting for your exploration. Your adventure begins now, where every travel gem is a story that becomes a part of you.

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